Membership Process

Membership in the Arlington Business and Civic Circle is by application and covers a six-month term (January – June and July – December).  Our members are organized by professional categories and only one member can join within each category.  We encourage prospective members to join us as a guest for up to three meetings to get a feel for the group and the other members before making a commitment to join.

Membership applications are reviewed by our membership committee and our standards are very straightforward.  We actively offer membership to anyone that can enhance and strengthen our circle.  Our standards for continued membership include both attendance and participation.  It is important that members are active, so we simply ask that you show up (on time!) for most meetings and actively work to strengthen the circle by getting to know other members, inviting guests, serving in a leadership role or leading a civic project.

To learn more about the structure and process of the group, review our By Laws.  And when you are ready, fill out a Membership Application.