About Us

The Arlington Business and Civic Circle was founded in 2002 by a small group of business owners who wanted to grow their businesses.  But the founders also shared a deep commitment to giving back to our local community and a firm belief that business is better within a strong community.  So rather than build “another networking/referral group”, the founding members built an organization that combined these two supportive goals.

The core philosophy that underlies both the business and civic arcs of our circle is to “learn and share”.  We believe that by building long-standing relationships between members, we can offer more than just referrals.  We can find areas where our experiences overlap, where partnerships can be formed and where gaps can be filled.  Some have likened this model to a “mastermind group” or an “advisory group”.  Regardless of the terminology, members of our circle are committed to helping each other succeed.

We also apply the same “learn and share” philosophy to our community engagement.  We regularly invite local civic organizations to come speak to the group and open our eyes to issues and opportunities that exist within our community.  While we give financial contributions to every group that speaks, we also try to find projects that take advantage of our time and talent as well.